Forward-facing cultural change solutions for Australia’s rural industries and organisations.

Bespoke programs that lead government, industry, and the education sector to shift workplace culture from cautious to courageous. Delivered in the bush and beyond.


Discrimination law and liability.
Dignity and safety.
A desire for courageous leadership.

Whatever the reason, we believe all organisations have the power to change how they do things, for the better. We awaken people in workplaces and schools around Australia to their ability to influence culture. Through our unique expertise in law, sexual harassment, gender equity, military and strategic planning, we help organisations like yours take the lead on building workplace teams that courageously transform culture.


Organisational review


Gain powerful insights into your organisation’s culture, and how to improve and protect it. Informed by the voices of your people, you’ll receive an executive report with clear, actionable recommendations on how to transform your organisation, for the better.

Comprehensive training


Refocus hearts, minds and spirits to understand the cultural and legal impact of sexual harassment and discrimination. Our comprehensive training challenges assumptions, changes perspectives, ignites leadership and demystifies law. Inclusive and impactful, the face-to-face or online training is tailored for people across all levels of your organisation – from executives to entry-level employees.

Policy design


Meet your legal obligations with policy design tailored to your organisation’s needs and unique goals. Our policy advice aligns with evolving federal and state legislation and is backed by research.

Mentoring programs


Powerful mentoring programs offer proven strategies to build confidence and capability. One-on-one or small group coaching, for men and women.

Keynote speaking


Fresh and unique, we offer Australia’s leading perspectives on sex discrimination, gender law, leadership, and the Australian identity.

Workshop facilitation


We’ll help you navigate complex areas such as sexual harassment and organisational cultures sensitively and productively, with truly transformative outcomes.

About Us

SAC Consulting

We work side by side with Australia’s leading organisations and industries to understand and transform workplace cultural issues – both visible and invisible. Our team, led by Skye and Al Charry, bring a unique balance of expertise, research, advocacy, leadership and experience. Our approach is warm, authentic and free from blame, shame or judgement. Together, we can guide your organisation to take ownership of respectful workplace culture, and meet your legislative obligations.

Spirit of the Bush

Tune in to our podcast that explores workplace culture, gender equality and change management in Australia


Skye Charry (nee Saunders) has opened a lens on an aspect of our Australian community

Skye Charry (nee Saunders) has opened a lens on an aspect of our Australian community that has received too little attention up until now. It is a clarion call to us all to listen with compassion and without judgment, to play our part in making Australia a better place for all.

Former Chief of Australian Army

Dr Skye Charry has been instrumental in developing our approach in this sensitive space

WISA is partnering on a major national project with S.A.C. Consulting on transforming aspects of workplace culture, identified by women in our industry. We are working closely with SAC Chief Consultant, Dr Skye Charry, who has been instrumental in developing our approach in this sensitive space. Skye engages with our industry stakeholders without judgement, but with care, authenticity, and influence, and delivers practical support that connects with people’s hearts and minds. We feel privileged to have SAC as part of our team.

Dr Kirsten Abernethy –
Executive Officer,
Women in Seafood Australasia

Skye and Al were simply wonderful with the recent rollout of our Respect@Work program

Skye and Al were simply wonderful with the recent rollout of our Respect@Work program which saw them attend several focus group sessions in regional settings connecting with our staff. Skye’s deep expertise in workplace culture and Al’s experiences from the armed forces, complemented nicely with each other and drew out a rich experience for our staff. They have certainly given us a platform where more open conversations about values and behaviours can be brought to the fore. Great job team!

Anshul Chaudhary –
Chief Executive Officer,
Forestry Corporation of NSW