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We are a workplace culture consulting firm specialising in building  thriving workplaces.


Organisational review


Gain powerful insights into your organisation’s culture, and how to improve and protect it. Informed by the voices of your people, you’ll receive an executive report with clear, actionable recommendations on how to transform your organisation, for the better.

Comprehensive training


Refocus hearts,minds and spirits to understand the cultural and legal impact of sexual harassment and discrimination. Our comprehensive training challenges assumptions, changes perspectives, ignites leadership and demystifies law. Inclusive and impactful, the face-to-face or online training is tailored for people across all levels of your organisation – from executives to entry-level employees.

Policy design


Meet your legal obligations with policy design tailored to your organisation’s needs and unique goals. Our policy advice aligns with evolving federal and state legislation and is backed by research.

Mentoring programs


Powerful mentoring programs offer proven strategies to build confidence and capability. One-on-one or small group coaching, for men and women.

Keynote speaking


Fresh and unique, we offer Australia’s leading perspectives on sex discrimination, gender law, leadership, and the Australian identity.

Workshop facilitation


We’ll help you navigate complex areas such as sexual harassment and organisational cultures sensitively and productively, with truly transformative outcomes.