Episode 001

Journeys from the heart

Journeys from the heart

Spirit of the Bush

001: Journeys from the heart

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What is it about Australian rural culture that makes it so unique? For answers, Skye Charry and her husband Al Charry explore their own lives, having both grown up in the central western region of NSW. Their careers manifested in different directions: Al served as an Army officer in the Australian Defence Force, while Skye traversed the world of law and academia. Between them, they’ve consulted to industries including agriculture, meat, forestry, seafood, military, academia, retail and the legal profession.

They discuss gendered stereotypes which still persist in many respects today. In this first episode of Spirit of the Bush, Skye and Al introduce the key themes of discrimination and harassment that continues to pervade much aspects of rural culture, and what can be achieved to change those attitudes

Skye shares some insights from her book, Whispers From the Bush – The Workplace Sexual Harassment of Australian Rural Women, and how that has shaped the work both Al and Skye are doing today at SAC Consulting.

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About the presenters

When it comes to leading an interesting discussion on workplace culture and gender equality, Skye and Al Charry have extensive – and surprisingly varied – experience — making them the best kind of podcast hosts. Favouring balance and authenticity in place of judgement, these are the experts in approaching important conversations with perspective and care.

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