Episode 003

Practical steps to change behaviour

Practical steps to change behaviour

Spirit of the Bush

003: Practical steps to change behaviour

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Skye Charry walks us through some of the revelations she documents from her book, Whispers From the Bush. Skye conducted an extensive study in rural Australia, which highlighted concerning statistics – very high incidences of sexual harassment in the workplace. Skye and Al Charry explore the cultural issues underlying the attitudes which ultimately lead to humiliation, intimidation and aggravation in the workplace.

Although collectively we have a lot of work to do to transform that culture, the heartening conclusion is that it is not an insurmountable challenge. There are very real and practical steps organisations can make to support wellbeing and safety. It stems from recognising the fact that as individuals we strive to do the right thing, and so if people are cognisant of the damage and discomfort that words and actions can do to others, they’ll more likely to embrace change.

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About the presenters

When it comes to leading an interesting discussion on workplace culture and gender equality, Skye and Al Charry have extensive – and surprisingly varied – experience — making them the best kind of podcast hosts. Favouring balance and authenticity in place of judgement, these are the experts in approaching important conversations with perspective and care.

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