Episode 004

Reflections on moral courage

Reflections on moral courage

Spirit of the Bush

004: Reflections on moral courage

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Al Charry takes us through his 27 years in the Australian Army, from infantry soldier to recruit-training instructor to leading soldiers in combat. Team cohesion and mateship are instilled from day one, where the needs of the team are placed ahead of the individual. After all, the blunt purpose behind the military’s physical and psychological training is to fight in a war zone, so camaraderie is crucial.

Al discusses moral courage and its importance in an institution like the military, a hyper-masculine and hierarchical environment. Like any organisation, harassment and other discretions need to be called out early; and best handled in a delicate, non-confrontational manner. At the end of the day, it’s about treating individuals with the respect they deserve.

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When it comes to leading an interesting discussion on workplace culture and gender equality, Skye and Al Charry have extensive – and surprisingly varied – experience — making them the best kind of podcast hosts. Favouring balance and authenticity in place of judgement, these are the experts in approaching important conversations with perspective and care.

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