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Sexual harassment review, policy and training for NSW Forestry Corporation

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Sexual harassment as a work safety issue

The NSW Forestry Corporation is creating psychological and physical safety for its workers. As part of this commitment, the organisation has supported its workers to reframe issues such as sexualised banter or rude joke-telling to be a workplace safety issue.

State-wide cultural review

We were invited to conduct a cultural review and develop a sexual harassment policy and training program. We ran statewide focus groups and in-depth one-on-one interviews with employees from locations all around the state, including Bombala, Coffs Harbour, Deniliquin, Walcha, Eden, West Pennant Hills, Dubbo and more.

We developed a comprehensive gender equity report. Working in collaboration with senior executives, we worked up a plan for strategic recommendations.

Our report focused on enriching workplace culture and igniting the moral courage of employees at all levels to take ownership of cultural health in the organisation.


Fit-for-purpose sexual harassment policy and training

Informed by the themes uncovered in this state-wide review, we developed a Respect at Work policy for the organisation. The comprehensive sexual harassment policy reflected the actual work performed and issues experienced by different workes.

Skye and Al then delivered this policy to hundreds of (mostly male) employees via 18 face-to-face workshops. This boots-on-the-ground rollout ensured we responded to real questions and concerns,demonstrating the importance of the issue beyond ‘tick box’ government training.This is a crucial aspect of unlocking hearts and minds around traditionally difficult subject areas and supporting employees to harness their best ethical selves.

Feedback on the sexual harassment training indicated that participants found them meaningful and authentic.


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