Building strong organisational culture

We lead organisational cultural change, from workplace sexual harassment to broader issues of safety, team building, and more.

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Our bespoke approach ensures each organisation’s progress to support all their people, while retaining the dignity and unique personality of Australian workplaces.

We empower your people to build a strong workplace culture by revealing how their role connects to the greater good.

Tools for culture change

Gender equity review

Work with us to develop a customised review of gender equity in your organisation. Using grassroots data-based approaches, discover the state of play of your organisation through the voices of your people. Be equipped with a clear and actionable plan for culture change.

Empathetic sexual harassment training

Our approach preserves the precious aspects of Australian culture that build strong teams – including mateship, humour and banter – while addressing the unchallenged issues that cause cultural dysfunction. We disarm, educate and empower your people to take ownership of their culture – through action, choice, mindset and courage.

Mentoring programs

Our powerful mentoring programs offer proven strategies to build confidence and leadership capability among women and men. Our one-on-one or small group coaching accounts for various perspectives and needs, meeting people where they are.

Policy design

Our research-based policy advice aligns with evolving federal and state legislation, so you can feel confident about meeting legal obligations. We conduct focus groups and other research to understand the reality on the ground and connect it to policy specifics that will transform your organisation.

Keynote speaking

We are thought leaders in the complex ways sex discrimination, gender law and organisational cultures shape workplace relationships in rural Australia. We’re leading experts in supporting workplaces facing sexual harassment, bullying and unhealthy communication styles, and we ignite cultural change by tapping into key stakeholder perspectives and responding to real world’ scenarios. Our experienced speakers are available for keynotes and smaller presentations.

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Workshop facilitation

Our research tells us that sexual harassment is so culturally normalised that it is under-estimated by those who in engage in it, under-reported by those who experience it and unchallenged by those with a duty to prevent it.

This workshop focuses on each of these factors in a holistic and sensitive way. It demystifies law and policy and speaks directly to hearts and spirits.


We help you construct healthy and joyful workplace culture through 3 key building blocks: safety, vulnerability and purpose. A focus on diversity, inclusion and equity creates a safe environment. This paves the way for your team’s ability to be vulnerable enough to bring their ideas and strengths.

Select a 2-hour workshop that covers key basics, or a series of 2-hour sessions for deeper, interactive training

A unique approach that works

The problem:

Over 48 years of combined experience, we have identified 3 cultural challenges that lead to workplace dissatisfaction. We found that workplaces can be:



The terms ‘sexual harassment’ and ‘bullying’ appear frequently in conversation, making people feel overwhelmed or disinterested.



Generations of cultural images of the ‘bush bloke’ and country women have established stereotypes that shape behaviour. There is widespread confusion about what it means to challenge these ideas with dignity and respect.



Sexual harassment and bullying are seen as difficult safety issues to address in organisations. Even if there is a will for change, sometimes leaders do not take action because they lack a clear framework.

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How we help

Our culture change work is guided by an expert approach which drives systemic change by:

  1. Engaging empathetically with employees at all levels
  2. Identifying objectives through comprehensive analysis and actionable recommendations
  3. Providing policy advice consistent with evolving federal and state legislation
  4. Tapping into the human dynamics of any organisation
  5. Facilitating experiential learning for executives, managers, and junior employees.

Learn how we can help your organisation