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Skye Charry

Al Charry


Skye and Al Charry are experts in organisation cultural change.

Their speaking engagements have inspired thousands to take action towards creating safer workplaces. Their decades of combined experience across myriad industries has shaped their unique ‘hearts and minds’ approach; one that empowers organisations to build a thriving workplace culture that celebrates everyone’s contributions equally.

Skye and Al are available for joint and solo speaking engagements.

Skye Charry


Dr Skye Charry is a gender equity consultant with a background in sex discrimination law, an author and speaker who operates on the principles of empathy and empowerment. She is available for keynotes and focused speaking events.

Skye has been researching, presenting and consulting on issues of gender equity and workplace sex discrimination in Australia for over 20 years. She understands these issues as part of broader cultural ecosystems that require courageous leadership.

Skye is an Associate Professor in Law at the University of New England, where she has recently designed innovative units of study.

Originally from Central West New South Wales, Skye’s book ‘Whispers from the Bush: The Workplace Sexual Harassment of Australian Rural Women’ (2015) is the first Australian research on the complex issue of sexual harassment in rural and remote workplaces. The Victorian Women’s Trust has produced the documentary film ‘Grace Under Fire’ based on Skye’s research.

In 2018 and 2019, Skye was a delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62 and CSW63) in New York with the YWCA Australia.

Skye conducts comprehensive gender equity reviews for commonwealth and state governments, as well as rural industry. She is currently leading a Prime Minister & Cabinet-funded national action research program to understand cultural and structural barriers to gender equity in the Australian seafood industry.

Skye is available to speak on gender equity and organisational culture change for government, industry and other organisations around the country.


From whispers to song: Changing the pitch of sexual harassment in rural Australia

With an understanding of the lived reality of the complex topic of sexual harassment, Skye provides a framework for change in organisations. Her informed approach gives voice to women, men and employers by tapping into the inherent strengths of each individual.

True champions: Men as agents of change

In this stirring talk, Skye offers her trademark warm approach to help men understand gender equality and how they can play a role in building a healthy workplace.

“Skye speaks truth”

“Skye speaks truth and reality which stops you in your tracks, inspiring all people with dignity and respect.” Former President -The National Country Women’s Association

In confidence: What employers need to know about sex discrimination law

Sex discrimination laws in Australia are not always easy to understand, but they are critical for the protection of all employees. Drawing on story, film and media, Skye shares inspiring strategies for leaders dealing with sexual harassment in their organisations.

Confidence for women in the workplace

Skye provides a calm and clear way to cut through the tide of media discourse on workplace sexual harassment. Skye supports women in identifying harassment and provides guidance on the formal and informal strategies available to combat it.

Skye has assisted in changing attitudes and culture by exposing both the scale of the problem and its harmful impacts.

Her work is serious, thoughtful and responsible, thus making a significant contribution to the advancement of human rights for people experiencing vulnerability, specifically rural women subjected to sexual harassment.

Dr Helen Watchirs OAM

ACT President and Human Rights Commissioner

Al Charry


Al is a commissioned army officer (retired) with 27 years’ experience, serving at the highest level of operational command. Al has trained Australian soldiers to respond to natural disasters and combat and was Aide-de-Camp to the Governor-General.

Al is an accomplished speaker who delivers powerful keynote addresses. He has a Master of Military and Defence Studies from the Australian National University and is currently undertaking a law degree. Al was raised in Central Western NSW and shares a deep passion for Australian culture and its diverse people.

Al draws on his unique ‘boots on the ground’ leadership experience and people skills honed in complex environments to deliver empathetic and good-humoured safety and organisational training.


How to be a courageous leader

Al unlocks your team’s ability to be honest, respectful and innovative, to help you build a cohesive and productive workplace. Al helps leaders trust their people by demonstrating shared values, understanding how to prioritise safety and creating strength through diversity. Al’s unique combination of top tier leadership expertise and empathy demonstrates that business success is not a zero-sum game

Mentoring for men: Careers built on integrity

Aimed at men entering the workforce, this workshop aims to lay foundations for lifelong careers built on integrity, moral courage and accountability. This practical training uses realistic scenarios, encourages self-reflection and demystifies what purpose-filled work looks like.

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Skye is an incredible speaker who engages with warmth, intellect and compassion.

She navigates difficult issues with tremendous tact and passion. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Hannah Wandel – FOunder

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